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The Internet portal gives you a unique opportunity to keep up with all the latest news from the world of art. We visit the most outstanding festivals and exhibitions openings and share with you our critics of them. Among our colleagues are the leading Russian universities graduates and art critics, so our portal is not only a collection of interesting data but also a special community of enthusiasts who are making art themselves or are at least concerned with it.

The 1st Art Channel consists of several rubrics: «The Art-person of the month», «The opening of the week», «Art in cinema», «Dialogues about art», «Music and musical theatre», «It`s interesting» and News: from Russia, Germany, France, Spain, USA, Great Britain and Italy.

Why is our portal unique? Because for those who don`t speak foreign languages we provide translations from foreign magazines, and all the news concerning Russian art are composed by our authors specially for The 1st Art Channel, without copying anything from other mass media. The main special feature of Art Channel is our central monthly rubric called «The Art-person of the month» where we introduce modern artists from different countries to our readers. Thanks to this opportunity you can get to know more about the artist`s biography and works, write a review of them or ask him a question. With the advent of a new Art-person the information about Art-persons of the past months is put down in the archive where the base of works for sale keeps being renewed. You can buy every work you like in our store where it`s also possible to buy or rent any of the books represented.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us through CONTACTS.


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